Tallentire House offers a diverse range of 100% natural fabrics, mostly cotton. The prints are all designed by Lindsay Taylor and as such exclusive to Tallentire House.

Tallentire House is a strong believer in buy less, buy better! We use the best quality base fabrics as we believe that cheaper versions are wasteful. Our fabrics are made to last! The Cotton Canvas is an Oxford weave. It is extremely hard wearing and therefore suitable for upholstery.

We also make our cushion covers from this fabric. You could argue, that it is not necessary to use such good quality fabric for cushions or indeed placemats, but it means that no matter how many children, dogs or other creatures you have, it is pretty indestructible.

All the fabrics are mill dyed, so there will be no accidentally pink clothes, when you put Tallentire House cushion covers in the wash.

The Twill is lighter and is perfect for curtains, blinds and tableware. The prints won’t fade, no matter how many times they go through the wash.

The Cotton Flax is, as you would imagine, a blend of cotton and flax, which gives it a linen like feel and texture without being as expensive. It is not as brittle as linen, which means a lot less ironing. It is also a great weight for curtains, cushions and table linen.

Our Voile is just about the best you will find. It’s an 80’s x 80’s weave, which means that it has a high thread count. It is beautifully soft and light, making it a joy to wear – every day and everywhere (if you live somewhere hot or are on holiday). It is fabulous to sleep in, super comfortable and just gets softer with every wash. It is also stunning when made into curtains.

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