We have to admit when someone suggested making masks months ago, we laughed and said we doubted that would be necessary!

Unfortunately whether you believe they are necessary or not, they are obligatory in many countries now, including  Sri Lanka.

Even after the immediate crisis is over, it is likely to remain mandatory to wear a mask when travelling by plane or train. So your face mask will become a travel essential like your passport or your eye mask. Therefore it makes sense to buy one that will last.

It has taken a while to figure out how best to make them. After all, if we have to wear them, then let’s make them colourful, comfortable, attractive and machine washable.

Our masks sit on your face cupping the chin for an optimal fit. It is made from two layers of 100 per cent cotton.

The outer layer is cotton twill or cotton flax, which is tightly woven and the inner lining fabric is our super soft cotton voile. They are easy to breathe through and not sweaty or scratchy.

We decided to make fabric ties rather than using elastic as you will need to wash your mask regularly and elastic will begin to ‘give’ after too many hot washes.

The fabric ties can be adjusted with a wooden bead, so they are easy to put on and to take off as required.

Our masks come with matching pouches ensuring that they stay clean and are easy to find in your bag when needed. Also, great as a gift.

As with all Tallentire house products, our masks are made to last.

Tallentire House Face Mask Collection
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