Halcyon Shawl – Pomegranate/Charcoal


  • Hand woven by the Vankar community of Bhujodi.
  • Oversized shawl and bedthrow.
  • Kala (organic) cotton.
  • Natural dyes (pomegranate & charcoal).
  • Motifs added by supplementary warp method.
  • Hand made tassels.
  • Unique limited edition.

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Hand woven, organic cotton, oversized shawl in Pomegranate (yellow) with motifs in Charcoal (grey).
Also the perfect summer throw: Place it at the end of your bed or over the back of your sofa and instantly transform the look of your room.

120 cm x 240 cm | 58″ x 95″

How we make it
The yarn is dyed before weaving using  yellow dye made from pomegranates’ skin, dipping time and again to get the right shade.
Yarn dyed weaving has a beautiful rhythm as the colour isn’t flat. Each hank of cotton varies slightly in colour, which creates undulation in the weave adding depth to the final piece.

The Charcoal coloured motifs are added by hand using the supplementary warp method which is a little bit like tapestry.

After the weaving is complete the artisan leaves a gap in the warp to create the tassels. Bunches of warp threads wrapped tightly by hand to create beautiful matching tassels.

How to look after your shawl and ensure that it lasts and lasts:

  • Natural colours fade in bright sunlight, so try not to leave it in direct sun.
  • Treat your shawl the way you would your skin, with care. Use a gentle detergent in cool water and line dry in the shade.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 8 cm

Blue (Indigo)


Kala Cotton, Organic Cotton


Yarn Dyed, Hand dyed, Hand made, Hand woven


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